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Sustainable Development

  • Before the formal construction of the logistics park, we will conduct a detailed investigation and evaluation for the target area, rationally and scientifically plan the architectural pattern and roads of the park, greatly save land resources, eliminate the waste of resources, and make every inch of land exert its due value.
  • All storage buildings in the park adopt light steel structure to ensure that materials can be recycled and reused to achieve sustainable development.
  • With green development as the core purpose, we will keep the original green vegetation and water resources to the maximum extent in the park, and focus on protecting the local ecology in the development.
  • During construction, we insist on adopting cutting-edge environmental protection technology to minimize noise, water and air pollution, and bring jobs and economic benefits to the local area while rejecting the pollution.
  • The exterior walls of all buildings in the park are made of organic coatings, which are non-toxic, heat-resistant and frost-resistant, and have zero pollution to the environment, so as to protect the common home of you and me.
  • All buildings are designed to maximize the daylight and eliminate energy waste; in addition, LED high-efficiency energy-saving lamps are used in the cold storage in the parks to ensure both benefits and savings.