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Ye Chenghai Charity Foundation

Ye Chenghai and Liao Qingqing have always regarded creating wealth and giving back to the society as an obligatory duty, and tried their best to donate money to help students, relieve the people in disaster, go to the countryside for free clinics, and help the poor. They often say that: “students will never forget their teachers, and wherever they go, they will always remember their teachers and alma mater with gratitude”. They contributed money and worked as teaching assistant many times for their alma mater. As entrepreneurs with a strong sense of social responsibility, in the face of many disasters, they always arrange donations and assistance at the first time, especially devoted a lot of care to medical and health undertakings.

Up to now, they have led the enterprise Salubris Pharmaceuticals founded by them, First Priority Group and Ye Chenghai Charity Foundation to donate more than 420 million yuan to social welfare undertakings, conveying the spirit of great love to the society through small acts of kindness, enhancing the public charity awareness and bringing the healthy and happy beliefs and hopes.
    Now acting as the Chairman of Shenzhen Salubris Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.,
    Chairman of the First Priority Group,
    Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Renmin University of China,
    Honorary President of Guangdong Charity Federation,
    Honorary Chairman of the New Fifth Board of Directors of Guangdong Meixian Dongshan High School
    He was born in Wuhua, Meizhou, Guangdong Province, and studied in Meixian Dongshan High School. In 1963, he was admitted to the Department of International Politics of Renmin University of China. He started from the grassroots level in politics and gradually took up the leadership positions including Vice Mayor of Shenzhen and Member of the Standing Committee of Guangdong Provincial Party Committee. In 1987, he established Shenzhen Haibin Pharmaceutical Factory with joint capital, and in 1998, he founded Shenzhen Salubris Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd., while in 2009, Shenzhen Salubris Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. founded by Mr. Ye Chenghai was listed with Share A. In 2014, Mr. Ye Chenghai established the First PriorityGroup in Hong Kong with its operating headquarters in Shenzhen. As a wise and courageous entrepreneur, he gallops in the business circle to find opportunities in crisis with extraordinary courage. As a highly respected philanthropist, he is kind and good.
    Director of Salubris Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong)
    She is a native of Meixian County, Guangdong Province, and graduated from the Department of Chemical Engineering of South China University of Technology in 1968. She was inspired by her father Liao Anxiang’s patriotic actions from an early age, and this made her love the motherland and the people, enthusiastic about charity, actively fulfill her social responsibilities, and spare no effort to help those in need. She actively participated in public welfare activities, rewarded her alma mater such as South China University of Technology, and especially gave strong support to the education in her hometown Meizhou County, Guangdong Province.