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Foshan Leping Logistics Park of First Priority Group

The project is located in the north of Xinqi Village, Leping Town, Foshan City, near Leping Exit of Shenhai Expressway, and the surrounding transit traffic is Foqingcong Expressway. Meanwhile, theproject can be quickly connected with Leping Avenue and Provincial Highway 118. The project has a superior geographical position and rich natural landscape. The park covers an area of about 66,666m2, with a building area of 86,793m2. The warehouse is designed with double ramps and equipped with detached dormitory buildings.
  • 86,793

    Building area

  • two double-floor ramp-type high-standard warehouses

    Building structure

  • North of Xinqi Village, Leping town, Foshan City

    Project address

Convenient transportation
  • GO Shenyang-Haikou Expressway Leping exit and entrance 1KM
  • GO Foshan to qingyuan to conghua highway exit and entrance 1KM
  • GO Sanshui district 20KM
  • GOGuangzhou city center 40KM
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